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Ironically, after the recent disputes between MMG rapper Meek Mill and Cassidy concerning Meek’s ‘Repo’ diss track, the two rappers apparently have now made amends, but Cassidy says he will not work with his former comrade until he apologizes for all the illegitimate claims about him that were made on the track.

“I don’t think I’ll do a song [with him] again unless he really apologized for the things that he did, the things that he said,” he added. “He dropped ‘Repo’ being real disrespectful, spreading a lot of lies about me, so unless he apologized and I feel as though it’s a sincere apology, I don’t think I’ll do a song with him.” (MTV)

“It’s not personal beef. I don’t wanna see anything happen to him or anybody around him,” Cassidy said in an interview with MTV. “I’m just competitive and I take my music seriously. At first I was gonna leave it alone. I thought he wanted to battle me, like he was calling me out, but when I found out he wasn’t, I left it alone — until he started tweeting certain things about me and being disrespectful.”

Cassidy also commented on his twitter account about his upcoming tell all video: 

“Believe half of wht U C & none of wht U hear! If GOD is 4 me, who can B against me? My video is coming to let the people know the truth!”

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