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On Sunday evening, Chicago rapper Lupe Fiasco was thrown off-stage after going all “Anti-Obama” and trying to make a political statement during the soundcheck (which is about celebration) at the Hamilton Live Event in Washington DC.

Lupe’s “Anti-Obama antics and Lyrics” rattled the Obama fans and was thrown off stage in a matter of minutes, failing to finish his performance. 

Here’s what an insider exclusively told GWL:

“I was excited to see Lupe on stage, but as soon as the music started playing– he just started singing a anti-war tack for about 30 minutes while saying he didn’t vote for President Obama and was eventually told to skip to a next track by promoters. 

However, Lupe, who refused to move on to a different track, was dragged off stage by a team of security guards. He really overestimates his own intelligence at times, and is turning into the classic empty can that makes the most noise. Don’t believe me, ask Josh Rogin.

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  1. You don't go to someon else's home, only to disrespect them. In other words, yes, lupe is entitled to his views and opinions, but coming to the POTUS event only to diss him is just lame.

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