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Frank Ocean Detained By Cops After Doing The Nasty While Driving?

R&B crooner Frank Ocean was reportedly detained by police officers after driving suspiciously in Mono County, California a few blocks away Mammoth Lake, a vacay home where the singer and his partner was staying for the Christmas holidays.

The singer shared a pic (below) of himself in the backseat of a cop car, while saying “Worst Trip Ever.” 

According to MTO, yesterday police in Mammoth Lake pulled over Frank and a male companion in a car with details still being sketchy. But one source tells the site that the police noticed what is being described as “suspicious behavior” by the men in the car in which they were released after being briefly detained.

But we’re sure his car was probably giving some mechanical problem and he had to call the cops for help. Plus, you can’t have a cell phone taking pics in the backseat of a cop car.

Also… earlier today, the “Channel Orange” singer was having problems with his cell phone connection while blaming AT&T, see pic below:


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