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Hip Hop Heavyweights and March Madness!

March Madness is around the corner and hip hop heavyweights love to weigh in on who their starting five team line up is. However, when you think March Madness and Hip-Hop you think who would be the starting five for a hip hop March Madness team. With 2013’s Madness just 60 days away we thought to put our hip hop starting five together.

When placing a bet on March madness you want to have your best starting five on the court to score big and take the lead early so your team can advance. When it comes to hip hop it’s kind of the same thing you definitely want your strongest rappers to start off and score big like a new single.
Who would be our starting five? 

Well we gave it some thought and decided to put our March Madness hip hop starting five together for you and why.

Here’s our starting five:

1. Ludacris comes in as our small forward is known for his skills on the court and also because he has been extraordinarily successful with his Luda Day Weekend sporting event.

2. Jay-Z would be the leader of the team, not only does he rule New York with Roc Nation and is the owner of the Brooklyn Nets, the hip hop icon in the making has already showed that he has proved he can exceed the expectations of hip hop.

3. 50 Cent is our power forward because the former footballer/street hustler knows how to win no matter what he does, like Vitawater, SMS headphones, Cheetah Vision and G-Unit.

4. Nas, not only because he’s been dubbed the best rapper on earth by CNN, and he knows how to rule the world with his lyrical skill.

5. KRS One lands the center position, because of his lyrical skills. He teaches knowledge, schools the streets and everybody is going to respect him or else. He is not one to mess with.


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