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Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Date Night In Paris + Aretha Franklin DEFENDS Beyonce’s Alleged Lip-Sync!

Last night, pregnant reality star Kim Kardashian was spotted entering Lasserre restaurant for a quiet date night with her rapper boo/baby daddy Kanye West (who is still rocking them black leather pants). Check out the pics below:

The reality star, who has been spotted at several fashion weekly shows in Paris and is due in July, recently revealed that she wants to live in three different cities with her baby, “New York, Los Angeles and Paris.”

And in other news:
Diva and music legend, Aretha Franklin, is defending Beyonce’s alleged lip-sync (with a little shade) at President Barack Obama’s inauguration swear-in ceremony last Monday. Where Ms. Franklin had this to say:

“When I first heard the news this evening that Beyonce was pre-recorded, I really laughed. I thought it was funny because the weather down there was about 46 or 44 degrees and for most singers that is just not good singing weather,” Franklin told ABC News in an interview. 

In fact, the weather was even colder than that Monday, around 40 degrees. When I heard that I just really cracked up. I thought it was really funny, but she did a beautiful job with the pre-record … next time I’ll probably do the same.”

Franklin, who performed the National Anthem back in 2009 at the inauguration ceremony without the help of a pre-recorded tape, then added, “I wanted to give people the real thing and pre-recording never crossed my mind.”

However, we recently reported that insiders close to Bey’s camp told us that she didn’t lip-sync will continue to stand her ground.

via HuffingtonPost/TheJasmindBrand/ABCNews


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