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Reality TV: Rylan Clark Secretly Preparing For X-Factor Tour Outside The “Big Brother House”

Reality star Rylan Clark has been stirring up some drama inside the “Big Brother House” where other cast-mates/members of the house aren’t taking to his liking very much as he was recently allowed to prepare for the upcoming X-Factor UK tour and not informing his cast-mates.

The drama in the house all started between controversial couple Rylan and Speidi after another secret task led the Essex-boy to call them “snidey b*****s.” In which they started embracing their bitchy persona and dislike of the of the other contestants one step further by slagging them off during a secret task in the Diary Room.

The task was instructed for the couple to take part in a blogging session with Fans, not knowing that the fans would actually be their fellow housemates, who was instructed to ask the American couple questions from the living room. So, lets just say she was happy at all. Now, moving it along.

So, after she was evicted from the house on Friday, former housemate Gillian Taylforth was quick to stir up some trouble for Rylan and producers of the show by telling Channel 5’s “The Wright Stuff” that the singer has been secretly leaving the house for rehearsals ahead of the X-Factor live arena tour. And according to the rules of BBH, the contestants must experience complete isolation from the outside world.

Here’s what she had to say:

“…Rylan went out to do X-Factor rehearsals…obviously he wasn’t allowed to talk about it, but when he came back he’d just ask somebody the time very quickly like his driver, and was said to him when he’d get in, “what’s the time?”

The reporter for the TV channel then confirmed Gillian’s report about Rylan secretly leaving the house every Sunday. Since her exit, reality star/model Lacey Banghard was also kicked out the house last Wednesday.

According to the Mirror, Lacey, who won the Sun’s Page Three Idol competition entered the house earlier this month alongside celebrities including Heidi Montag, Gillian, Rylan and Neil “Razor” Ruddock. And according to Lacey, “I’m a little disappointed… but I will continue to pursue my modelling career, and can’t wait to see who wins on Friday.” 

Plus, word on the street is that Rylan is most people’s preferred choice to win, with bookmakers Ladbrokes, making him a favorite with the finale taking place on Friday, with the X-factor also Kicking off on the same day in Manchester.


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