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Rihanna Rocks A See-Through Dress For An All-Girls Night Out At The Eden Nightclub! [Photos]

What’s the point in wearing clothes, if you can go completely naked without any insecurities?

24 year-old Rihanna has once again failed to check her outfit (or did she) before hitting the road for a all girls night out.

The singer was spotted arriving at the Eden nightclub in Hollywood wearing a black see-through dress with no bra and showing her skimpy black underwear with a pair of pink and gold toe-cap (ankle strap) heels.

The diamonds singer is really enjoying some time off ahead of her Diamonds World tour, which kicks off on March 8th.


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  1. Anonymous

    January 26, 2013 at 3:12 am

    Hmm..I hear that.."But Idk lol if your breast look fabulous with out a Bra lol & you are known for having a sex appeal image, got fame.. Then why not though?…Anything is possible. Especially when you see how people just show up on the Red carpet looking all types of Omg and Thats bigger then a night out at some club lol

    Any how I do recall her saying..

    Quote: If I don't feel like wearing a Bra!.. then I'm not wearing a bra lol.

    That night must of been what she meant lol..

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