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Rita Ora SPEAKS OUT on Rumors About Her Affair With Jay-Z

Just after the recent reports that she cheated on reality star, Rob Kardashian, there have been multiple reports accusing Roc Nation Singer-Songwriter Rita Ora of allegedly having an affair with her boss and hip-hop kingpin Jay-Z
Well, she certainly isn’t hiding in the shadows about the recent reports as she goes off on the person that supposedly initiated the rumor, Holly Fagan.

“I stayed silent on one bullsh*t rumor, but this one I have to speak … Never will anyone, including a red hed dumb Z-list attention seeking b****, talk sh*t about me and my family, Holly whatever the f*ck your name is.” “Anyway, I only speak when I have to and that was just f*cking ridiculous, that’s why I spoke,” says Rita.

Um okay!


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