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Welcome to rundown news, which talks about something we already knew about and something we didn’t. We’re going to do this short with a little bit of spice. (hm… no promises)

Kim Kardashian, who is currently pregnant with Kanye West’s seed, is still trying to hang with the Carters especially Jay-Z’s banging GQ cover chick Beyonce.

The reality is so desperately seeking Bey’s attention that she has now hired one of the 31 year-old Pop Diva’s personal trainer, Tracy Anderson, to keep her fit while she’s pregnant and after giving birth. Plus, word on the street is that Kimmy cakes might not even sell her baby pics as she might be following Bey’s footsteps.

And recently, Kanye said he wanted Kim to be a fashion trailblazer while sharing a pic of him, Kim and the carters with caption: “Fam.”

Well, lets hope Beyonce gives the biotch some attention soon–she’s pregnant okay.

Now, on a serious note, Kim and her sisters is being sued by their former Make-Up artist, Lee Tillett, for allegedly stealing the name of her cosmetics brand.

Lee filed the lawsuit in a federal court in Los Angeles on Wednesday, claiming the reality TV stars’ Khroma Beauty collection infringes on her own line, called “Kroma” and is seeking $10 million in damages from the famous trio and execs at Boldface Marketing Group Inc.

Tillett says,

“I developed the Kroma line myself, built my business through my own hard work, and took the legal steps necessary to protect it. And yet I have now been forced into legal battle with the Kardashians simply because they have decided to take something that doesn’t belong to them.”

A statement from the Kardashians’ spokesperson Todd Wilson argues the siblings “have acted properly at all times.”

Kim, Kourtney and Khloe, who launched Khroma last year, are also being sued by the Los Angeles-based firm Chroma Makeup Studio.
Take a look inside Kim and Kanye’s new $11 million Bel Air family mansion which is about 9,000sq with Kim already looking to expand it to 14,000sq, below:

Celebrity Net Worth estimates that it will cost them between $60,000-$70,000 a month to pay for things like insurance, taxes, HOA fees, and of course that hefty mortgage payment, assuming they put 20% down.

image credit: Hookedonhouses/MLS/Gossipwelove

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  1. This whole story is a lie, Kim was working with Tracy Anderson before she was even pregnant, top acting like Beyonce is some queen, she is a human being,she is an illiterate high school drop out who married an ex drug dealer who is probably responsible for the death of others, she steals other peoples intellectual property and her claim to fame is cheating others out of their careers, shaking her a** in skimpy outfits and screaming for a living, so have a seat.

  2. at the first comment, Beyonce is queen b*tch and Kim has always been wanting to get into Beyonce's good grace. So i believe this story because this isn't the first site to report kim trying to be besties with her.

  3. All these people who've commented STFU and enjoy the dam story! plus we all know kim is an attention junky! Nice house by the way, Kanye is trapped for life!!

  4. At the last comment, I was just about to say that! The first comment must be working with Kim lol like bitch shut up! everyone knows that Kim wants to be down with Beyonce, so your late.

  5. Kim is a whore,will always be a whirring don't care how much you try to clean urself up you are what you are.be didn't suck dick on tape and then release it for fame,she work hard for Wat and where she is and if she don't want to hang wit trash she don't have to.nobody is hating on Kim but she needs to hang wit people like her..the one's who suck their way to the top.just hope when that baby gets old enough they don't she what she's good for..LOL..I'm done.

  6. How is kim a whore??for having sex?something that ppl do everyday?..and really why are y'all hyping beyonce up so much??she's human just like everyone else and I'm pretty sure beyonce and kim do speak..they are tech in the same camp now..but y'all and these fabercated stories are getting annoying

  7. I dont usually comment but this site happens to be one of my fav sites and that last comment urks the hell outta me. This story has three parts, kim wanting to hang with Bey (where many sites are saying the same thing), the lawsuit which is true (reported by many other sites) and the house which was also reported by TMZ. And if I had to choose between Mediatakeout and GWL, I'd hands down choose GWL. So you need to have several seats.

    Go back to school or something. plus why are you on the site in the first place??

  8. what the hell is up with these comments!! I'm calling out the negative ones, like what the hell???? GWL surely attracts hoodrats. smh

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