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Young Rapper Chief Keef Pulls Fast one on Probation Officer

The Young rapper Chief Keef, recently signed with Interscope Records, has pulled a stunt on his probation officer. Reports are making headlines saying this newcomer could face punishment for moving out of his old place without giving his probation officer any notice. Currently the rapper is staying in a new luxury home in an Upscale Chicago suburb in the hills.

Law Enforcement sources say Chief Keef, whose real name is Keith Cozart, has been ordered to return to court this Wednesday for the alleged probation violation. The hit South Side rapper now 17 years old was supposed to be living in Dolton with his uncle when he wasn’t on tour or out of town according to law enforcement sources. 

On Monday the authorities were searching for sought to have Cozart jailed for the alleged violation. With all the trouble that’s been surrounding this young star I wonder what gong to happen next?


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