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Akon Facing More Money Problems, OWES $127K To A Video Marketing Firm In Atlanta!

39 year-old Akon, whose real name is Aliaune Damala Badara Thiam, currently owes over $127K to Atlanta Business Video, a company that specializes in sales and video marketing.

The St. Louis rapper failed to compensate the company for months of work on his social media website entitled, “FANTRACE” (a site that fans can interact with celebrities). The website was completed back in February 2011.

According to ABV, “an Atlanta based firm:”

“We dedicated more than 1023 hours of combined labor editing clips of actor and comedian Eddie Griffin, as well as Jeffrey Star, in order to ensure that this project was completed in a timely and professional manner as previously agreed on.”

Another partner of the firm, Erin Dyer says:

“We pulled in extra manpower and had our staff working around the clock to effectively deliver on our end of the bargain and successfully complete the project on time.”

A rep for the ABV exclusively tells GossipWeLove, since the job was completed, the company have repeatedly requested a payment of $127,083.00 from the hip hop mogul and has exhausted all avenues of communication available for an amicable solution for collection of debt.

The company is suing him for $127,083.00 with no additional charges.


Akon is facing another lawsuit after unintentional injuring a man at Bayfest in 2009, after the rapper jumped into the crowd landing on top of him.

The victim, Matthew Graham, is suing Akon and Bayfest Inc. claiming that he suffered “severe and permanent injury to his knee, back, head and body,” when akon jumped from the stage into the crowd, reports TMZ.

Check out the video below:

According to Graham’s lawyer, they hope to achieve a fair and adequate compensation for what occurred to him.


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