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BACKSTABBING FRIENDS: “Love & Hip Hop: NY” Winter & Lore’l… Tale Tellers Or Was It?…Lets Chop It Up!

So, I’m not much of a big fan when it comes down to “Love & Hip Hop: NY”–(Anymore)– but I do stay tuned in for the love of ratchetness between either Joe Budden, Tahiry Jose and Kaylin Garcia, Rich Dollaz and his mentally deranged chick Erica Mena, my girl Yandy Smith and her baby daddy Mendeecees Harris and now my new found love Lore’l and her backstabbing friend Winter.

Now, on Monday nights episode fans got to see the real Winter, who used to be Fabolous’ assistant, telling tales, some good and some bad, along with throwing her best-friend since college Lore’l under the bus.

Let’s talk how the episode played out… in one scene– Winter met up to celebrate Lore’l’s record “This is How We Do It,” finding a new manager after dropping Angela Yee and scooping for hot men. But Winter really wants Lore’l to find a rich boo so she can be set for life and get her career off the ground. 

She then mentioned to Lore’l that she was a big part of her life and was scripted in her already published tell-all-book.

Lore’l responded, “You don’t feel like none of these people are going to get mad? and are you even friends with these people?” without the slightest idea that she will be one of those pissed-off people.

It was the night of the event, with all of Winters girls including Yandy, Jen the Pen and Tahiry (who stayed neutral and away from the drama) but still came out to show their support. 

So during a one on one conversation, Yandy explains to Winter that she’s “breaking the code” by exposing and name dropping people in the industry in her book. Winter, too drunk to even comprehend, believes there wasn’t even a code to begin with.

Yandy then added: “It’s her life and story to tell. My only concern is if there’s going to be any threats posed on your life.” Winter then responded, “I ain’t got no worries.” Damn this chick thinks she’s a bulletproof vest…okay!

Let’s move on to a upside note before getting down to the real dirt… Winter was trying to have a chat with Yandy about potentially managing Lore’l. Yandy then said: “For me it’s very important if I’m going to run around with an artist, that I can figure out how to generate some income from it.” 

You know my girl Yandy is about them checks!

Now the dirt… Winter got up on stage to unveil the cover of her new book, “Game Over” and then calls out her girl Lore’l…just giving credits for being such a huge inspiration in her life. 

She then proceeds to read a chapter from her book [giving too much information] saying she was sexing “all these millionaires for free” and how it had affected her in a major way.

However, Yandy was so confused how this could be her friend but she’s telling all her business in this book, you know things that you hide in your closet not wanting your mama or your son to ever find out about. As Yandy said, “Oh, she done lost her damn mind.”

But the drama didn’t stop there, as Lore’l was fuming want to knock a bitch out, saying: “That was kind of foul, but we’ll talk. I don’t feel like this is a group discussion for the room.”

Lore’l decided to stay back and read a couple chapters from the book, but as she was reading, it just gets even worst! So, Lore’l, an aspiring bad-ass rapstress, pulled home-girl aside to let her know what time it was.

“I get you, you’re mad and upset..but that’s how I felt.” said Winter. “I don’t f**k for money. Sorry,” Lore’l tells Winter. She then ended the conversation with, “I hope you make all the money in the world off this book, homegirl. Because you going to have some problems.”

“Some problems,” I’m guessing lawsuits??!

And in my observation of last night’s episode, Lore’l said that Winter was smashing rich men for money, and she was just looking for love. Then at the end of the show, Lore’l said she wasn’t f**king for free.

So, who’s telling the truth? And who’s contradicting themselves?


Winter falling down in her heels lol…don’t buy them if you can’t walk in them.

Love it!
Watch the video below:


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  1. Anonymous

    February 26, 2013 at 8:49 pm

    I think winter is a hoe! So she mad cuz that girl didn't fuck for money?!? Maybe she cared about the men she was dating and not just with them for what they can do for her! Smh!! Sluts these days!!

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