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Rapper Shawty Lo & All His Baby Mamas Getting A New NETWORK DEAL!

Recently, Atlanta rapper Shawty Lo’s new television series “All My Baby Mamas” was axed from the Oxygen network, after a petition against the show was issued.

Well now, Shawty Lo has revealed that him and all his baby mamas are being pursued by multiple networks and will be back in operation soon!

The rapper shared the exciting news with Hip Hop Weekly, saying:

“It’s just the legal process right now with Oxygen. We got like five or six other networks right now interested in the show. Basically all the people did is make the show bigger than it already was,” says Shawty Lo. 

“People made assumptions that the show was gonna be violent or something or I was doing it for money, but you know, I never had money problems,” he explains.

But do you think the show should even be on the air? Is it important for his story to be told?


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    February 28, 2013 at 3:24 pm


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