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T.I. & Tiny SEX TAPE Stolen By The Feds “They Were Nasty”

It’s not hard to believe that rapper T.I. and Tiny of the “Tiny Tonight” show on VH1 have a sex tape together, they are not in the least bashful about their love for one another, but what is pretty ridiculous is who stole the star studded couples freak nasty flick.

Tiny herself revealed on her late night show that when federal agents raided their home in 2007 they took the hot couples sex tape with them. We know you’re probably wondering just how nasty this tape is and these were Tiny’s comments:

Tiny: “They were nasty.”

Claudia Jordan: On a scale of one to ten?

Tiny: Fifteen they were nasty. They were outside and everything. It was ridiculous. I had fun and the police got it…they probably had fun with it too. I just wanted to see if it looks as good as it really is. Our freak flick was like…we could probably get ten million.”


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