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So, after Vh1 failed to air the new season of “Love & Hip Hop: NY” last week with talks about Mendeecees Harris sex trial playing a main factor in Vh1 failing to air the show, we couldn’t help but not notice a line in rapper Consequence new diss track. (This is not a full review, just talking about scenes that created a buzz).

Now, last night 35 year-old Cons premiered his new diss track called, “Looka Here Baby,” aimed at Raqi Thunda aka Industry P***sy, after a chat with baby mama Jen the Pen in their rented Mercedes-Benz.  But we couldn’t help but notice Cons calling Karrueche Tran, Chris Brown’s ex, a third wheel. 

He raps:

“She (Raqi) is the third leg like Karrueche.”

So did, he, she including the dentures tried it?…. We all know he just building Kar’s brand, who is in talks to be joining the next season.

Also, Monday night’s new episode was a very epic one with 21 year kaylin Garia getting sucker punched by Tahiry Jose after Joe Budden (influenced by Kaylin) deciding to not spit a verse on Tahiry’s “Devil” track, along with Tahiry telling him what she’s done for him in the past.

Another thing on “Love & Hip Hop: NY” that raised some eyebrows, was Yandy Smith’s perverted looking cousin Maurice taking pics of her FROM THE BACK. I mean, once she explained the whole business agreement… I was still thinking about the way he was taking the pics, seeming like he want to hit it.

However, Mendeecees Harris confronted Maurice about the Instagram pictures, kindly asking him to take them down after speaking to Yandy about the pics. But Maurice doesn’t seem to understand the problem. And if Harris wants the pictures taken down so badly– Yandy would have to tell him herself. 

He then starts working out in the middle of their conversation, which infuriates Mendeecees. Harris then attacks Maurice and we’ll have to wait to see how Yandy feels about her man beating up her cousin on Next week’s episode.

Check out Cons diss track below:

Plus, Raqi responds to the track by saying via Twitter:

“I mean I could swing all over them bars like a fucking monkey and kill Ol’ Teefus on his own track But I Have Mercy on The Weak!”

She later added, 

“LMAO! I’m Not A Rapper But I Would Wrap His Whole Shit Up, Have His Bird Face Bitch Wrapped Up Like Pita #ChickenWrapRaps #Geuax”

Your thoughts?

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  1. To:
    The writer of this post,

    Did you really write soccer punch? What does that mean? Did you mean sucker punch?
    I've spotted this term on a previous post.
    Do better!

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