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30 year-old “Young Money” rapstress Nicki Minaj has decided to drop her crazy attire for something more elegant during an appearance at a MAC store in Beverly Hills, on Friday with Scaff Beezy.

Minaj rocked a white dress with pink pumps…serving up some “Ciara Realness” with her dark root–blonde extensions. This was quite a surprise to her barbz and kens as they took pics and lined up outside the store. Check out the pics below:

Are you feeling Nicki’s new look?

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  1. Dusty!! She is for real.. For real..turning into a dry catalogue chic.. Can't even understand Why she love them shoes so much! Anyway who cares.. No underwears! In Nikki voice.. Live Gurl.. Uck..

  2. I love Nicki. She has a sweetness about her that just shines. I don't understand why so many hate her. She is multi talented and very beautiful. We need to embrace a strong woman grinding hard in the industry instead of tearing her down.

  3. I hate lacefronts, esp blonde ones. Just atrocious. Nicki's own natural black hair maybe with just a couple of tracks added would suit her perfectly

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