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Power 105.1’s “The Breakfast Club” Charlamagne Tha God is well-known for putting artists on blast and saying whatever comes to his mind. 

Now, the radio personality is calling out Frank Ocean’s Grammy performance, and in his defense.. “it was dry and boring.”

Here’s what Charlagmagne had to say:

“Frank Ocean gives the most dry, boring award show performances. Windshield wipers going and it’s not even raining dry.”

Frank Ocean talented but outside of him being gay he’s boring as shit…”

And then hopped off Ocean’s case and onto rap legend LL Cool J, who attended the 2013 Grammy Award Show with his wife Simone:

“LL really going to do this to himself and perform huh? If he does “Ratchet” at the Grammy’s I’ll buy his album.

LL better just do the classics. If he attempts anything else he will snatch all The slander from The Dreams hat….

That’s somebody Daddy on that stage.

LL is a legend. We just have to get him to stop rapping. If you love LL don’t buy his next album so he will quit. 

He then added:

Grammys just going to throw a couple of commercials in the midst of LL’s performance huh?

LL might as well have wore the Dream’s hat.

I hope LL didn’t strike a hell of a pose at the end of that performance because us at home didn’t see it

If LL rehearsed for that he going to be mad when he sees the replay.

And as for Prince, the radio host claims every time he looks at the singer– he become gay for a few seconds:

“I ever told y’all about the time Prince glamoured me? I shouldn’t of looked him in his eyes. I was gay for about 3 seconds….

On my mama when @angelayee @djenvy and I met Prince he had on a purple cape and he was levitating. He walked to us and floated away.

I remember Jamie Foxx and I talked about the effect Prince had on us for 15 minutes straight. The Purple One from Minnesota is real dog.

When we was conversing with Prince he was levitating the whole time. His feet never touched the ground. Bible.”

Oh he ended with:

And i’m still screaming Why the F**K Miguel didn’t get a set? Ok I’m done now…

OMG, he read them like a… Hardcover book?

See more Grammy Performances below:

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