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Watch Beyonce’s Candid Interview With Oprah Winfrey Here! [Full Video]

Last night, Beyonce sat down with “Talk Show Queen” Oprah Winfrey inside The London Hotel in New York City, which was taped last Tuesday, during Beyonce’s “Life Is But A Dream” premiere event.

During the very candid interview, the pop diva chatted about firing her father/manager Mathew Knowles, her life changing miscarriage and how she dealt with it, her daughter Blue Ivy Carter being her best friend, wanting more kids and Jay-Z being a good father and husband.

Here’s the highlights:

On her miscarriage:

There’s so many couples that go through that and it’s one of the hardest things I’ve been through. It’s one of the reasons I didn’t tell people I was pregnant the second time around. You just don’t know.

On keeping Blue Ivy away from the media and her daughter’s personality:

It’s so much to think about, but in the end it just wasn’t right to [sell images] and things like that. Someone would end up hounding and it’s just not safe. So we put the pictures out there.

She is hilarious. And she is fire. I didn’t think she would be like that but Lord am I going to have a time! She loves books. She loves the books that you bought her…she now has the Blue Ivy Book Club.

On firing her father:

One of the hardest things I’ve ever done. Someone you love. Someone that’s given you life. Someone that’s done such a fantastic job. It’s a part of life and a part of growth. And I had to tell myself, at some point you have to be the adult your father has raised you to be and prepared you to be.

On having more kids:

I definitely want to have another child. But it’s also important for me to do what I love. I love to make music. I wanted to see after I had my daughter, if I was still as passionate about performing. Maybe after this next tour, I’ll have another.

I did a show 3 months after giving birth and that was so crazy. I clearly didn’t know I would be able to do that after gaining 57 pounds.

On Jigga being a good father and the backbone of her career:

Incredible. He’s a different human being. And it’s really beautiful to see a young man, such a great father. I’m so lucky

I would not be the woman I am if I did not go home to that man. It just gives me such a foundation. We were friends first. We were on the phone first, no dates, for a year and half. Just to have someone you just like, is so important.

On her alto ego, “Sasha Fierce:”

Now I don’t really need Sasha Fierce. I don’t really need that alter ego that’s SO difference. Now I think I’m showing more of myself in my music. I’m more connected to my art-Sasha Fierce lives within me all the time.

The 31 year-old singer then ended the interview with, “I’m in the studio. I’m on tour. One thing I’m trying to learn is time management and it’s the hardest thing to me. And I need to take my time. I’ve been raised to work so hard so it doesn’t even feel right to me to not work.”
Now, watch the full interview below:

Beyonce | Next Chapter (FULL EPISODE) by Ashley_Miller_3


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