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Recently, “R.I.P” singer Chris Brown dropped by Power106s “Big Boy’s Neighborhood” radio to chat about his parking lot brawl with Frank Ocean, lying about hooking up with Rihanna, releasing a new collaborative single with her, his love for painting and claiming he’s the same as deceased rapper, TuPac.

Here’s the highlights:

On his beef with R&B crooner Frank Ocean:

“Well, with the frank Ocean’s situation.. I just put it like this, “it’s the past.”  Some stuff went down, but it’s whatever. It’s not what people think, it’s always sensationalize, [just blown out of proportion].

I have respect for his music, and respect for everybody else. So, I’m not trying to go back down that road again. I do my music now, so I’m good.”

The “Fortune” singer revealed that a lot of sh*t always happens to him, but he owns up to it. And as of late, he’s no longer stand-off to the media because it’s not like that anymore. He then explains:

I’m near 24, and can’t keep living my life in the shadows, and being ashamed of who I am, because I love myself and my fans.

Breezy also made his big announcement about his upcoming album entitled, “X,” slated to release this June or July 2013 and features his new collaborative single with girlfriend, Rihanna, called, “Put it Up.”

Plus, Brown chatted about his TuPac comparison calling himself the “R&B Tupac,” saying:

“Well, I kind of identify with a young black male, who deals with trials and tribulations and can express his art through his poetry.

“Also, I’m passionate, so i can identify with that… everything I do his passionate. I wear my heart on my sleeves, so you know, whether it means going to the store to get groceries or if I’m painting. 

It’s just me being passionate about everything I do. So, I can identify with how Tupac had that moral.”

And, the singer/rapper then cleared up the rumors about him collaborating with Jennifer Lopez after a picture was posted online with them in the studio, saying, “he’s just writing for her upcoming album, and has a few songs in mind that would be a great fit for the former “American Idol Judge.”

Watch the interviews here:

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