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LEZ-B-HONEST: Erica Mena Shoots HBO’s New “LA MECANICAS” Movie & Has A Girlfriend..Says She’s Over Men + Olivia Gets “Where Should I Go From Here” Track!

Yesterday, “Love & Hip Hop: NY” reality star and aspiring singer Erica Mena was on set of the new HBO series “LA MECANICAS” where she plays a killer and premieres this Summer. At-least, Erica gets a character that she can relate to. Check out the pics below:

Now, Erica has allegedly dumped Rich Dollaz for a female and has been sharing pics of the mystery woman on Instagram (while deleting them) and captioned one of the pics, “Woke up with her”:

She captioned the pic above, “I guess it’s true what the blogs say! Lmfao My B!tch’$ LOVE ME.”

She then added:

Mena also took a shot at Rich after he gave Olivia her “Where Do I Go From Here” track saying:

On Set! From Reality To A TV Series! Non scripted to Scripted! They had to give my song away to bring back the dead! YET I’m STILL where they can never be! Still! NOW and Always.

Listen to the track here:

Now, listen to Mena doing her version of the track below:


Check out an excerpt from Erica’s “Underneath it All” tell-all-book that drops on April 1st below:

La linda manita Que tiene el bebe Que linda, que bellla que preciosa es

If it’s possible for a baby to have memories of being in utero then thats the first thing that comes to my mind. My mother used to sing that song to me while sitting in a prison cell. Yes you read that right, prison. She was shoved into a 6×8 cell with the very basic of necessities.

She was doing a three year bid for something that I believe any mother would havedone if they were in the same situation. She was guilty of trying to provide for her children and her unborn child. She was guilty of having a “by any means necessary” mentality in the sense of doing whatever she could to make sure I came into this world not wanting for anything.

My mother has always been a go getter, a real hustler in my eyes. To me hustling isn’t something that you can teach, that person either has it or they don’t. Hustling is something as simple as bathing everyday. Either you want to do it or you don’t. You can’t make someone want to wash their own ass just like you can’t make someone want to hustle and better their lives.

See, as big as my father was in the drug game at that time he was very cheap. Yes, he would occasionally shower my mother with gifts and he made sure that she was well taken care of but at the same time he wasn’t really a good provider if that makes any sense. It’s along the lines of people saying any boy can be a daddy but it takes a man to be a father; make sense?

My father made my mother struggle more than she had to instead of helping her and giving her the things that she needed which ultimately led to her being sent away.

Anyway, my father’s nephew presented her with the opportunity to make some extra money if she would drop off a package at a specified location. She figured it sounded easy enough and even if she was hesitant, the only thing on her mind at the time was being able to provide me with a crib before I entered the world so she agreed. When she was exiting the apartment the police were going in to raid it and she was caught up in the mayhem that followed.

La linda manita Que tiene el bebe Que linda, que bellla que preciosa es

So here I was, cozy inside of her womb listening to her angelic voice sing me to sleep. As crazy as it may sound I wish I could’ve stayed there. I wish I could’ve stayed protected, stayed sheltered from the world and its harsh realities, stayed nestled in a place of unconditional love and warmth but that’s not how life works.

Life likes to wait until the bases are loaded and it seems like you’re going to go home only to turn around and throw a fast ball right at your head and knock you down. Seems like a weird analogy to use but I would soon find out how true it was and the significance it would have on my life…

Um okay!



  1. Monke Suit

    March 16, 2013 at 12:48 am

    Nice- all that is nice ha.

  2. Anonymous

    March 16, 2013 at 1:36 am

    ? so that's why she's nut case, she was a prison baby lol.. & lmao to her fake ass.. Now she wanna show it off every where. . Like that shit real hahaaa, still don't change how your a dirt bag.. Now you claiming Lesbo, I believe it, she still haven't found her self, still haven't grow up.. A hot mess for a mother.. no respect how she cary her self.. Guess she want her seed to say when they get older, my mom was some gangsta lol a hustler..

    Mena F*ck outta her lol..

  3. Anonymous

    March 17, 2013 at 6:17 am

    #TEAMERICA.. She doing lot more than some with better circumstances. Bought the book.. We all a little crazy, hustlers, & 2 proud! She right dude's can be bitches.. She ain't lie. This excerpt sounds street enough, but alive enough to fight another day!! My opinion.. Lot of people got jacked up circumstances and do nothing. Fight girl. That's right! Olivia Bye!

  4. Anonymous

    March 19, 2013 at 8:39 pm

    After reading two sentences, i wanted to stab my eyes. This book needs to be re-edited. Its too repetitive and cheesy.

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