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Simon Cowell Talks About His Passion For Giving Back Through Charities!

To some he’s Mr Nasty, to others he’s the music mogul genius who has transformed them from karaoke stars into platinum selling artists, and now to many children and families across the Britain he’s the kind hearted man who has cared enough to bring a ray of sunshine into their lives. Yes, it is the one and only Simon Cowell who we’re referring to.

It turns out that Simon has indeed been a long-term supporter of Shooting Star CHASE – a charity that offers both emotional and financial support to families with children who have limited life expectancy. Their vision is to ‘make every day count for children and teenagers with life-limiting conditions – and their families.’ One can only take your hat off to him for supporting such a worthy cause and motivating others to do the same. 
In a recent interview, Simon said: ”You have to see this charity to believe it. I keep saying it and it’s quite odd that I had this image in my mind, before I went there, of total gloom and despair of what the kids go through.” He went on to say that if one is wanting a perspective wake-up call, then one should, “just go down there. It’ll change your life. It changed mine.” 
Cowell told Britain’s HELLO! Magazine: ”I think it played on my mind when I was sending the tweets. I was thinking I had a lot to be thankful for. Even if I didn’t have what I have materially, I haven’t got a sick child. I feel so much for the parents and what they go through.” 
It isn’t only celebs who are making sizable donations to charity, and by ‘donations’ we don’t only mean monetary donations. Take the case of Regina Jackson who won $1 million from the Ohio Lottery and proceeded to donate 5000 rolls of toilet paper to relief organisation Reach Out Lakota! While this may seem a bizarre item to donate, it was much needed an appreciated by charity. There have been countless other cases of kind souls who have come into money by inheriting, settlements and even winning money on an online casino who have made a huge difference in the lives of those less fortunate and have not had their good deeds publicized  
We do hope that Mr. Cowell will use his influence to inspire other stars to do the same as there are countless charities out there whom are needing assistance and if he can set the ball in motion, all credit to him.


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