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Despite getting dumped by Ashanti after he was caught cheating on the singer with Tae Heckard, St. Louis rapper Nelly is saying people are picking on Chris Brown because of Rihanna.

Here’s what he told VLAD TV on Chris and Rihanna getting back together:

“I think if that’s something they wanna do, that’s something they wanna do… Again I’m telling people to F*** off about my relationships. As a man, that’s how I feel, let them kids be. You know, everyone has to grow up and learn lessons for themselves. You know no matter how many times your mother tells you that stove his hot, until you touch it, you didn’t realized what she meant, [cause she told you it was hot]. But you still had to touch it. Til you realize okay its hot, then your gonna wanna to tell your kids, yo don’t touch that stove, cause that sh*t is hot.

And they’ll listen to you once or twice, but they are gonna eventually wanna touch it. And there are just some lessons you have to learn, I just think, man, people are picking on him. I feel what he did was 4 years ago, had he had went to jail, you couldn’t just do a 4 year prison sentence for what he did.  

Nelly also reveals what he would do if he found out a man had assaulted his daughter, saying “I would kiss his ass, I would beat the dog sh*t out of him.” 

He then explained that if his daughter was to approach him about giving her violent relationship another try, he’d try to talk her out it (more like give his reasons for her not to go back), but if that’s what she want, there’s no way he can prevent her from not going back. 

The rapper says he gets it, and many people in his family has gone through that. Watch the full interview below:

Plus, Nelly opens up about how lives of celebrities have changed through social media, explaining that celebs are now expected to give up everything to their fans.

He also talks about how Future and Ciara’s relationship is different, because he started out in the social media era, unlike Jay-Z and Beyonce, who are just now becoming active online.

Watch that interview below:

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  1. Um…hes very realistic. People have to make their own decisions and grow from their lessons. And people really need to give up on picking on CB.

  2. Mr. Tae Heckard can have several… nobody cares about what he has to say. And why the f–k are we still talking about the incident like it happened yesterday?

    • We still talking about Ike and Tina til this day sooo…this gonna be with Chris til he dies. And nelly would you mind if I set your daughter and chris on a date?

  3. They won't be satisfied until Chris has committed suicide. Sad to say, but I really believe that is what 'THEY' want. Then they'll be acting all sad & surprised while they talk about how 'some people' just can't handle the 'pressures of fame'. All while trying to suck up every single cent of profit that they can generate by sensationalizing his untimely demise smh. Poor Chris. I pray he stays strong.

  4. If celebrities choose to have their lives in the spotlight, then they should give up a certain amount of privacy to their fan bases.

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