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Bingo has grown in popularity over the past couple of years along with the social use of the internet, and it’s not just the likes of your next-door neighbor that are playing. 

Although it’s commonly thought that celebs like Barbara Windsor only promote bingo, the truth is they all actually play bingo too. Some of them might not want to admit it but the following celebs have been caught in the act!

Ricky Tomlinson

This guy has a serious love of bingo. He’s been a bingo caller, sung about bingo and even brought out a bingo DVD. As down to earth as they get, Tomlinson, who plays Jim Royle, would be a brilliant bingo competitor.

Catherine Zeta-Jones

British-born Catherine Zeta-Jones may reside in Hollywood but she still loves a good game of bingo and was known to play in her home town of Swansea. It’s still difficult to picture it – Zeta-Jones in her PJs, logged on to online bingo.

Kate Moss & Sadie Frost

Kate Moss is one of the most iconic supermodels of our time, and her and buddy Sadie Frost have been known to have a little flutter on the bingo whilst they gossip over a glass or three of wine. It was Sadie that revealed the pair’s bingo love in 2011, when she said: “We cook lunch for our kids then hang out. On Saturday I had a great night playing bingo at home with the kids.”

Ewen MacIntosh

Ewen, who plays Keith in the TV series The Office, is not immediately known by all. His love of bingo is something that can be universal though, and jazzes up the traditional game by hosting ‘rock and roll bingo nights’ with friends and family. In this game the caller plays snippets of music rather than calling numbers which definitely appeals to a wider audience.

Russell Crowe

Yes the international film star Russell Crowe is possibly one of the biggest bingo fans you could find. As a bingo caller in another life (before he got super stardom) it’s rumored he had some unusual bingo lingo when calling, which eventually cost him his job. It hasn’t stopped him from indulging in his favorite pastime.


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