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Despite the many gay rumors, R&B singer Sisqo, who has been laying low for quite some time, is back in the spotlight and not in a good way!

The R&B “Thong” hit-maker has released a few nude pics of himself showing how he can rise to the occasion. If you know what I mean!

We’re still not posting nude pics, and I sorta have my doubts about these images, but if you want, you can check it out HERE!


“Young Money” rapper Drake has dropped the video for his new “5 AM in Toronto” single, which is off his upcoming, “Nothing Was The Same,” album. 

Check out the rapper paying homage to his native country, Toronto, below:

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  1. Drake breath be rockin lol..& he is a huge pretender.. Full of shit kootie looking ass wanna be… haahaahaaa
    Fat wearing Jeans he can't even walk in.. Then he try hard to have his chain move side to side.. He not even smoking what looks like a blunt, not smoking It right..clown all day lol


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