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Momma Dee’s prayers have been answered, as her son and rapper, Lil Scrappy was released from jail earlier today, after submitting fraudulent pee (that was cold to the touch) to his Probation Officer back in March.

The rapper took to his Twitter account to thank his lawyers and fans for keeping him in their prayers while he was on lock down:

Scrappy didn’t hesitate to tell his haters how he truly feels by tweeting a pic.. clearly saying, “F**k YOU!”

Plus, according to TMZ, Scrappy says arrest warrant was bogus because he never submitted bad pee in the first place. He was then released today after a Judge granted his lawyer’s motion to recall the warrant.

Scrappy is due back in court on May 16th.

Also, check out his new video for his, “Love & Hip Hop” single, which features Chinkie Brown below:

Source: FreddyO, Impeccableimprefection

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