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Ray J Talks More Mess About Kim Kardashian + Reveals the Controversial Pic Behind “I Hit It First” Track!

R&B singer Ray-J is speaking out about his controversial song called, “I Hit It First,” which many sites are reporting the song is about his ex-girlfriend, Kim Kardashian.

On Thursday, the “I Hit It First” hit-maker phoned into wild949s Nessa to chat about why he made the track in the first place, the blurred out photo behind the songs cover art and more. Listen to the full interview below:

Now, here’s what an insider close to Kanye West had to say about the track:

“Kanye sees the song for what it truly is — a publicity stunt. Kanye don’t condone broke ass, jealous [guys] who be trying to bite off he and Kim’s fame just to stay, wait, just to become relevant. Even though Kanye is fuming, he & Kim Kardashian Will Not Give Ray J Attention. Tell him to call Ye when he gets to the $100-million mark, Cause guess what — Ye ‘hit that’ first.”

Plus, check out Ray-J’s “I Hit It First” cover art below:


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  1. Monke Suit

    April 13, 2013 at 1:08 am

    He needs to find something else to talk about.

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