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If I was in her position, I would be choking the bitch!

Anyhow, R&B singer Ashanti was the host of “FUSE News” on Tuesday and found herself in a very awkward position as her first interviewee was none other than her ex-boyfriend, Nelly.

Following their recent split, Ashanti was forced to ask the St. Louis rapper about collaborating with R&B singer Chris Brown on “Merry Go Round,” the evolution of Hip-Hop, and what he looks for in a woman, saying, “Bad breath is a dealbreaker. I don’t want someone who lacks the confidence in who they are. I think we would hit the wall. And a nice set of thighs always helps.

Maybe that’s why he’s now with Tae Heckard?? Just saying!

Watch the video below:

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  1. lmao now that was funny hahaaa, not for nothing she seem a bit touchy & close to him.. chasing thinking something still there smh, he just said bad breath to yo face lmao .. and you are now his ex smh that interview question was a set up lol then he tried to sugar coated by talking about thick thighs terrible! lol

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