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A guide to enjoying working life in the big city

For people working in London
and Kenya during the week, it can be difficult to transition to the challenges
of living a ‘dual’ life – going home to an established network and social
circle at weekends and living in an unfamiliar city in the week.

Working in or around the city?

Business travel can be a relatively soulless
affair, especially if you are living in a hotel. Very quickly the experience
can become quite stifling, particularly if you spend your evenings in your
hotel room or the bar downstairs and are forced to eat room service every
evening! So why not spice up your time away and make the most of it. After all,
free time is there to be used and you must make sure you create a life to
justify all the hard work you are putting in!

Interested in dating?

There are plenty of options to meet a special
someone whilst you are staying in greater London and in Kenya, or in the
outskirts and travelling in. Singles nights are great if you want to meet
someone with the view to a longer term relationship, as is online dating. These
options are ideal if you are considering a more permanent move to the area and
wish to meet people in advance. Some online dating forums are more about casual
or sociable encounters and these will suit those who aren’t able to put down
ties in the area that they are working in, but who still wish to enjoy the
company of the opposite sex out of work. Alternatively, for the best of
professional company and a customer-centric service. Dating have long been
popular with business people for a variety of purposes – from an intimate
evening in for two, to accompany the client to a corporate or social event.

Building a social circle

You could also join social groups or special
interest groups in the area that you are staying in, so that you can pursue an
interest or learn a new skill, whilst you are staying away. You will meet new
people and make friends, but also develop your abilities and interests, which
you can continue to pursue when you are back home later.

Essentially, the trick to enjoying your leisure
time whilst working away is to keep your options open and capitalise on
opportunities as they arise; booking your place onto a speed dating evening,
signing up to a badminton class, or learning to cook Indian cuisine at the
local adult community centre. Don’t under-estimate the power of a good old
fashioned British pub and in Kenya it’s the pub in Jamila, either when it comes
to relaxing in good company, as these can be a great way of starting

So, there are plenty of options for you, whether
that’s joining a social club, attending a film night, or dating in Surrey or
other parts of Greater London and in Jamila or other parts of Kenya for an
evening of entertaining fun and a great diversion from the stresses of everyday
working life!
Lisa jane writes
regularly on diverse entertainment topics, from fine dining in London and in
Kenya to how to find your loved ones in Surrey and Jamila. To find faithful escort Surrey click here. 


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