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BIG ANG Dishes on Renee Graziano and Her UPCOMING Spin-Off SHOW on VH1!

If there’s anything bigger than Big Ang‘s boobs it has to be her personality! She has definitely demanded attention from the fans of Mob Wives on VH1. So much so in fact that she has been given a green light to launch her own spin-off show on VH1. What’s not to love?

Ang dishes everything out in her interview with

You’re on VH1’s Mob Wives and now your own reality show, did you ever feel you would gain so much popularity?

“No! First of all I never thought I would be 50 years old on a TV show, hello. I was just bartending, running a bar, minding my own business, being a mother and grandmother, and then my friend, Jennifer Graziano came. she’s the producer, and said would you like to try out on the show? 

See my best friend Celia is her aunt. So she says maybe try out like six episodes. I think, ok. Before you know it, I’m in 17 episodes with my own spinoff. I’m like, ‘what happened here?’ And now I’m on my second season of my own spinoff and the fourth season of Mob Wives.”

She even talked about Mob Wives, and who is her most and least favorite character on the show?

“Well, I really like all the girls; I don’t have a favorite. I do not dislike any of them or favor any of them, I’m just equal. If I would have to say anybody I might have to say Renee [Graziano] because she’s like family. It’s my best friend’s niece. I’ve known her since she’s a little girl.”

Well said Ang!


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