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EXCLUSIVE: Farrah Abraham’s Sex-Tape Was Inspired By Kim Kardashian & We Have Images! [PHOTOS]

Despite signing a $1 million deal with Vivid Entertainment, we just received an exclusive tip on MTV’s “Teen Mom” reality star Farrah Abraham’s sex-tape scandal and her thirst for fame.

Here’s what the snitch had to say:

“Farrah is a thriving model whose always wanted to be famous. So, when she saw the MTV teen mom show she decided to get pregnant, have them film it, and use it as a platform to help her stand still career of becoming a supermodel a reality.”

And if you think her harmless dream and little thirst for fame wasn’t enough, the insider then adds:

“She’s always been obsessed with Kim Kardashian, and seeing how she got her fame. Farrah thought that maybe she could do the same after finding out her reality show life on MTV is slowly coming to an end.”

The source then adds:

“Farrah’s singing career wasn’t going no where, that is why she directed the entire thing with porn star, James Deen, with scenes similar to Kim and rapper Ray-J’s infamous sex-tape without thinking of how this would affect her daughter and family. 

And, I’m totally disgusted by how her dad supports her and was present at these meetings in trying to sell the tape to the highest bidder.”

Wow!… Check out a few images from the video, which is 70 minutes long and entitled, “Farrah Superstar: Backdoor Teen Mom,” below:

Image credit: Vivid Entertainment


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