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FULL EPISODE: Watch Vh1’s New Scripted Series “Hit The Floor” Here!

Tonight, Vh1 premiered their new scripted series called, “Hit The Floor,” a brand new show with hot cheerleaders fighting to be on top of their game.

The lead star, Taylour Paige who plays ‘Ahsha Hayes,’ enters the wild world of professional basketball (something her mom, played by actress Kimberly Elise (aka Sloane Hayes) who was once on the team, tries to keep her away for that life but apparently failed in doing so) tries out for the elite L.A. Devil Girls dance team and eventually makes the team.

Also, the main reason for her mom, who tried sabotaging her daughter’s dream, was to keep her from being around her dad, played by actor Dean Cain, a couch for the Devil’s basketball team whom her daughter never met.

Watch the full episode below:

And recently, Taylour sat down with the ConcreteLoop to talk about the new Vh1 show, her inspirations, staying in-shape and more. 

Here’s the highlights:

On Working With Debbie Allen: 

I started dancing with Debbie Allen at 10 and I’ve been dancing with her ever since. She’s like a mom to me. She took me all over the world. I’ve been to Italy with her, I danced at the Kennedy center with her and I did all of her musicals. She really exposed me to everything at her dance studio… She [says] the best entertainers know everything.. 

On Her Favorite Inspirational Quote: 

I had a lot of emotional scenes this season, so to stay in the mode.. I’d watch this Viola Davis acceptance speech and she says, “What is life but a dream, you can’t trade your dream for another dream.” And at the end she says, “dream big and dream fierce.” It’s so simple. 

On keeping her banging figure: 

When in doubt, do a booty pop. Do a few a day and you’ll be good. [laughs] 

On What’s Next For Her: 

I’m open to everything, I just want to tell stories and inspire people. The sky is the limit.

Also, Jelena Howard – Captain of the Devil Girls — is not afraid to go the extra mile to get what she wants, regardless of whose dreams she stomps, crushes, and kills along the way.

“I would describe her as just somebody who wants the most out of life,” star Logan Browning tells VH1 with a smile, finding ways to somehow defend her devilish character. “She wants to be the star; she wants to be the center of attention.”

Watch the interview below:


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