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K. Michelle EXPLAINS Reason For Leaving Love And Hip Hop Atlanta, If She’s Really DATING Ochocinco, And The Truth About Her Relationship With R. Kelly!

This week former cast member of Love And Hip Hop Atlanta”, K. Michelle, sat down with the hosts of Power 105′s ‘The Breakfast Club’ to dish about her reasons for leaving Love And Hip Hop Atlanta after her throwing wax on Rasheeda, if she’s really dating Ochocinco, and if she has ever “got down” with R. Kelly.

Here’s an account of Michelle’s responses during her sit down with “The Breakfast Club”:

When asked why she’s leaving Love & Hip Hop Atlanta: 

“It’s just time to go, I got some other stuff poppin off. They’re actually bringing me to LHHNY… Love and Hip Hop Atlanta was a great stepping stone. It’ll kinda be my own show within Love & Hip Hop New York.”

When asked what happened with her and Rasheeda:

”Like, Golden Girl came up in there tryna talk to me. He felt some type of way. Look, you run up-get done up. I sat still. I don’t wanna hurt (nobody), but when you fight somebody, you fight them. You not gon’ run up and yank anything from my head.”

When asked about dating Ochocinco: 

“Chad approached me and he tried to date me or whatever. I was like, ‘No I dont want no shoes. I want a monkey’. No, we have not slept together. I’ve been through a lot with this dating thing. We are friends and I think that’s what it needs to be. Now, I hafta pace it and we are going to dinner and we are being friends and we are talking on the phone. It’s not time for that.”

When asked if she was ever intimate with her mentor, R. Kelly: 

“Umm, R.Kelly’s my mentor. You know, me and R.Kelly our relationship, he’s very dear to my heart. You know that’s not his job to do that.”


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