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Real Housewives Of Atlanta: Kenya Moore Addresses RUMORS Of Her SEXTING Phaedra’s Husband Apollo!

After being the ‘Gone With The Wind Fabulous’ elephant in the room on Real Housewives of Atlanta, Kenya Moore, has finally decided to address the rumors about her allegedly sexting Phaedra‘s husband, Apollo

When asked about her relationship with Apollo and rumors of her sexting him behind Phaedra back Kenya told BravoTV:

“Despite the outlandish theatrics and wild accusations thrown at me during Reunion Part 3, I stand firm in my opinion that Apollo is a nice guy who happens to be in a bad situation. We’ve heard him say verbatim he’s “married to a beast,” “has resentment” toward his wife, and “would like to get back to the way things used to be.” Believe me, many others including myself have fallen prey to Phaedra’s heinous manipulations. Apollo and I had initially communicated via group text and emails when collaborating on the workout video. We were amiable to one another even after the deal fell through and remained cordial. Despite his desperate outburst, neither of us acted inappropriately.

It was just as shocking for me to hear him make accusations that I, in effect, propositioned him. So shocking that I had to laugh at just how contrived and rehearsed it was. Beyond a shadow of a doubt, I’m certain Apollo was coached by Phaedra. Hence why I showed my phone with all the texts to Andy to prove my innocence and offered to pass it around for full and transparent disclosure. Andy verified that there was no sexual content to any of the texts. I feel sorry that Apollo’s wife is so sadistic that she will do anything to malign, embarrass, disenfranchise, and slander me because I beat her at her own game.”


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  1. Ruff n smooth

    May 31, 2013 at 2:24 am

    It's Kenya more not Kendra

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