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FASHION NEWS TIP: Today’s Trend…Summer Is Almost In & Chinos Are HOT!

When worn properly, chinos can be a great addition to your look; they’re bright and colorful, and offer an alternative to wearing jeans. Just ask “Miami Heat” baller LeBron James!

You can also find cuffed chinos that enable you to show off your footwear. In terms of mens chinos, you can play around with different layers and color-combinations, with chinos particularly going well with printed t-shirts.

However, here are some of the things that you should definitely try to avoid when wearing chinos this year?

Color Clashing

First, try to make sure that you
have the right combinations of colors for your chinos. If you’re wearing
brightly colored chinos, you should aim for a more neutral color scheme for
t-shirts or jumpers; clashing bright colors with prints and stripes and
checks can also cause problems if your look gets too cluttered. In most cases,
a bright pair of chinos can go a long way as a statement piece of clothing.

Poor Sizing

One of the main dangers of
wearing chinos is that you can end up with the wrong fit; chinos that are too
long or too short will be uncomfortable, and will spoil the lines that the
trousers are supposed to produce. Getting the right fit for your chinos is
particularly important if you’re wearing cuffed versions, as this can end up
making your pair too short, or your cuffs too close to your footwear.

Wearing the Wrong Shoes

Footwear should be one of your
main considerations when you wear chinos; you don’t want to be too casual with
your shoes, as this will end up damaging the smart look that most chinos aim
for. Some options for footwear that go well with chinos include slip on
espadrilles, boat shoes, and high tops – try to avoid running shoes or
sneakers, as well as wearing a low quality pair of sandals.

Not Comparing Different Styles

There are a lot of different
styles of chinos out there, so make the most of them! There’s not really a one size fits all style for
chinos, and you
can have everything from casual chinos with visible stitching and cheaper
materials, through to expensive chinos with high quality fabrics. Compare the
different chinos available on and offline, and make sure you invest in the right
quality if you want them to be more than everyday items for your wardrobe.

Making Mistakes with Accessories

Not picking the right accessories
can also derail the effect of your chinos; as well as finding the right
footwear, you should think about what accessories will best go with your
chinos. Think about straw hats, Wayfarer sunglasses, backpacks, and any items
that are light and colorful without being too gaudy. 

One of the advantages of
wearing chinos is that they give you something a bit different compared to
jeans, so try to accentuate them with some distinctive hats, shades, necklaces
and wristbands.

Author Bio: Lisa Jane is a fashion
blogger who covers the latest trends and styles – recently looking at high
street retailers like Blue Inc. She’s currently exploring this
summer’s fashion and their do’s and don’ts for


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