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“Destiny’s Child” singer Kelly Rowland seems to be on the path of a depression, according to a few inside sources.

Although the singer has enjoyed a solid career, she apparently can’t help comparing herself to her former band-mate Beyonce Knowles. And despite spilling her inner-dark secrets on her “Dirty Laundry” track admitting to being jealous of Beyonce’s career, Rowland is reportedly still battling her inner demons.

A source tells Heat Magazine:

“They’re both singers and every once in a while I think Kelly feels a sense that life wasn’t fair and it gets to her.

Kelly loves Beyonce so much, but for her entire life it’s like everything always came easy for Bey, whereas Kelly hasn’t had it so good at all.”

The insider then explains:

“It’s a complicated relationship. Kelly was so envious of the close-knit family and then, when Bey went on to have a massive solo career and a wonderful relationship with Jay-Z and a baby, I think for a while, Kelly felt a bit lost.”

Plus, recently, Kelly couldn’t help herself but burst into tears while performing her “Dirty Laundry” track on stage in D.C.

Do you think it’s natural for another artist to have these emotions especially when it’s someone they are close to?

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  1. I love the dirty laundry track but this broad need to go away..tired of her crying about her failures… Life aint fair bitch! Why don't she just branch out and do something different like get back into acting or start a business? I know you have some coins to do something!

  2. Kelly is annoying bitch you stood to watch your childhood friends get f**k over by Ratthew even shading them in the process. Then became creole Tina & Bey's lap dog doing EVERYTHING they ordered you to do. The group was called destiny's child not children this shit was always about Beyoncé & you knew that. Have a f**king seat her titanic a$$ career is to blame for no one but herself.

    Kelly stay on Bey's clit even shaded Keri Hilson.

  3. OMG will yal stop…dayuummm give the girl a break…all she did was sing a song about her abusive ex…but instead everyone got that she is extremely jealous of Beyonce over that one song…. Please take several seats..

  4. First of all these ain't even Kelly's words this shit coming from somebody who probably ain't really a friend of her n saw a open window to get paid off a interview!! N the first two comments y'all some stupid hoes in my nicki voice! Kelly ain't thinking about nun of y'all she shiting out millions on y'all ass! Lmao

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