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“Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” Reality Stars K. Michelle & Mimi Faust REFLECTS On Their “Blow Out” Fight!.. Says “All Friendships Have Ups & Downs!”

Despite the fight happening earlier this year and was a big talk around many media sites, last night– during the new episode of Vh1’s ‘Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta’– fans got the chance to see what really started the backstage fight and how it all really played out between K. Michelle and Mimi Faust!

And if your still not aware of what or who started the fight well I got you…. Lets rewind….

During, Mimi’s video shoot with her new (now ex-boyfriend) Nikko, K. Michelle made a few comments about Nikko’s co-pilot Johnny Crome being on the ‘down-low.’ 

The gay allegations was backed up by Mimi’s friend Ariane, who claims she too has heard the same thing from a few our of her gay friends. The conversation persisted for a couple of minutes–enough time for Crome to over heard the conversation.

Long story, short,… Crome confronted K. Michelle about the gay comment while trying to defend his sexuality, saying “He’s NOT gay,” something both K. Michelle and Ariane wasn’t trying to hear. Nikko then kicked K. Michelle off the video shoot set in which Ariane came running to K’s defense confronting Nikko and Crome about ganging up on her friend.

Mimi and Ariane then got into it and Ariane was pulled away by K., stopping what could have been a huge fight between them. So, during Monday’s new episode, Ariane called Mimi over to talked about what really happened–hashing things out and becoming good friends again. 

The duo then flew to New York City to watch K. Michelle perform at B.B Kings–something Mimi wasn’t too thrilled about from the getco–however she did put on her big girl panties and attended the show. But before arriving to the venue, Mimi received a few text messages prior to arriving in NYC saying K. Michelle was on the radio claiming Nikko was gay.

Lets just say, Mimi, who was okay about meeting up with K., to talk things over, wasn’t too happy about that, as she was ready to beat a b*tch down. After, K’s killer performance she went backstage and stumbled upon Mimi and Ariane. Mimi then went in for the kill confronting her about the interview she did earlier that day. 

The conversation, which turned violent real fast, ended with K., slapping Mimi in the face with a buckeye of flowers.

On set security quickly intervened pulling away both stars from possibly hurting each-other. 

Plus, Ariane and Mimi then got into again–with Mimi questioning Ariane’s loyalty to her and asking her about what she really thinks about Nikko.

And despite making-up during the show’s premiere event, both K., and Mimi reflected on their big blow out fight saying, “All Friendships Have Ups and Downs!”

The duo exchanged tweets on Twitter last night proving they’ve reconciled their differences and expecting the best from now on. 

Here’s what Mimi had to say:

K. Michelle then replied with:

She then added:

“That situation should have been handled differently. I’ve grown and I’m continuing to grow. Glad @MimiFaust and I can be adults and move on.”

Mimi, who seemed to be learning about the men she dates and friends she keeps, ended her conversation with the singer with:

“K, I really appreciate that, & I genuinely have faith in you finding true love and having major success w/ your music!! luv you!”


[Honorable Funny Moment] 

Mama Dee, who now has a boyfriend named “Blankstare,” showed off her cougar side last night as she tried to hook up with a dog whisperer! 

However, I personally think she was purring up the wrong tree, as he might not be so trained in the pussycat field.

I’m just saying!


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