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NO SHE DIDN’T! Rihanna SNAPS BACK At British Writer Liz Jones Who Calls Her A Poisonous POP PRINCESS & TOXIC ROLE MODEL!

Last year, 25 year-old Rihanna sat down with “Talk Show Queen” Oprah Winfrey for an exclusive interview in her home-town of Barbados. 
The pop star chatted about her relationship with Chris Brown, her take on that infamous fight in 2009 between her and Brown, and not choosing to be a role model because everyone expects a lot from a celebrity when they put them on a pedestal.
So yesterday, a controversial British writer named Liz Jones reportedly called the singer a poisonous pop princess and toxic role model for kids everywhere after structuring a lengthy article– gathering a bunch of information from her past relationship with Chris Brown, her bad gal partying ways and reports of her posting nude flicks of her self on social media sites. 
Now, Rihanna, who has 10-million followers on Twitter, is hitting back at Jones saying:
Plus, Jone’s article, which went viral very quickly, also says:

“I wish she’d stop infecting our High Streets with her gun tattoos, her false nails and fake hair, her bogus bad-ass shenanigans that try to portray her as ‘real’, as ‘street’, as her own person, as strong and single-minded.”

Um, I’m lost for words…so let me know your take on this in the comment box below.


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