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Rapper Fat Joe Sentenced to 4 Months In Jail For Tax Evasion!

After pleading guilty to holding out on Uncle Sam back in December 2012, rapper Fat Joe has just been ordered to spend 4 months behind bars for falling to pay more than $1 Million in back taxes.

The Bronx native, who’s real name is Joseph Cartagena, originally faced up to two years in prison for the crime– was sentenced to 4 months in the slammer, a $15,000 fine, and one-year supervised release.

According to News12, the rapper, who failed to report his income taxes for the years 2007 and 2008 totaling $700,000 (which accumulated interest), and blames his Financial team, is scheduled to turn himself in on August 26.

Here’s what he had to say:

“All the time you see artists, the first thing they do to you when you caught money was introduce you to a bunch of fancy guys with bow ties who are gonna take care of your money and all that and then you always see an artist or a celebrity or somebody like that going down for it and these guys never go down for it.”

An insider tells us,”Joe is mentally [prepared] to do the time and plans to spend time with his family before he checks himself in, in the next two months. He also hopes to put this all behind him once he gets out.”


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