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SO SO Def Screwed! Jermaine Dupri SLAPPED With A $800K Tax Lien!

Uncle Sam continues to knock down celebrity doors…and in this case, the ones who are behind on their TAXES!

Despite coughing up $3 million for unpaid taxes in 2006 and prior to that $500K to the state of Georgia, hip-hop mogul, producer and rapper Jermaine Dupri can’t seem to escape the IRS as he was slapped with a $800,000 tax bill (that he will be working HELLOVA hard to pay off in the upcoming months) on Friday.

According to two separate tax liens filed by the IRS, 40 year-old Dupri needs to pay back taxes stemming from the years 2008, 2010 and 2011.

Here’s the breakdown (courtesy of TMZ), 2008: $646.47, 2010: $140, 889.76, and 2011: $657,156.12 totaling $798,692.35.

The rapper as yet to respond to the reports.


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