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Take The CRAZY 30-Day ‘Pasta’ WEIGHT LOSS Challenge… Nothing Like The Usual But Definitely EFFECTIVE!

Just pointing this out, I’m not a Nutritionist but I do appreciate a life of health and fitness, and in order to get there and feel comfortable with a proper diet–I NEEDED FAST SLIMMING RESULTS!

So, two years-ago I came up with a crazy 30-day weight loss plan that was super-effective– even though a lot of hard work and dedication was very much needed to see the FAST results I was looking for.

First, let me list the Pros and Cons of this weight loss plan:

1) Carbs of the spaghetti keeps you full and fights back on those awful cravings.

2) Ditching your car and power walking even to the store keeps your metabolism going while burning fat.


1) If your not a fan of eating Spaghetti and Butter this is definitely not for you.

2) If you hate working out at the gym or inside your own home maybe this is not for you.

Now, here’s how I got started and lost a whopping 40lbs in 30 days– yes I’m not lying!
I would usually wake up around 5:30 a.m., each morning (because that’s when my body is rested and have a lot of energy to spare), get dressed and start doing some jumping jacks in my bedroom while switching it up to a few other work out techniques for 30 mins. (I’ll show you images later in this post). You will have to do this for the first week (twice a day). 
BREAKFAST: Egg whites and wheat toast.

LUNCH & DINNER: For the first week, you will be required to eat ONLY plain “PASTA” (the long ones) in melted butter. 
In the second week, my body is now used to the daily work out regime and I can already see some results (excited). Also in the second week, along with the other work out techniques, I added 10 push ups (once a day).
BREAKFAST: You can now decide on what to eat, as long as it’s low fat or you can always go back to the first week’s ‘BK’ plan.
LUNCH & DINNER: Plain ‘PASTA’ in melted butter for lunch and as for dinner, ‘PASTA’ and turkey meatballs. (Very diet friendly). [See recipe here]
FACT: Tomatoes are a top plant source of umami. The strong pleasing flavors tend to satisfy us sooner, so we may eat less without trying. The riper the tomatoes, the better. The fruit’s umami components increase during maturation. What’s more, whole-wheat pasta has triple the fiber of regular pasta for more fill-you-up power.
By this time, your body will be pumped in doing workouts inside your own home without anyone looking over your shoulders…talk about being your own fitness trainer.
In the third week, you should have the drive to lose to weight and the mind set of how good your looking or going to look. 
And instead of doing 30 mins twice a day, start doing 45 mins twice day. This will start to speed up the weight loss process and shedding pounds by the end of the third week.
BREAKFAST: You now have the option to change your dull breakfast into something tasty but still remains without your diet. So you can choose.
LUNCH & DINNER: Plain ‘PASTA’ in melted butter for lunch and as for dinner, I’m thinking Penne with Tomato Pesto and smoked Mozzarella. You can add almonds to it, to up the slim-down factor. [See recipe here]
FACT: Dieters who ate the nuts lost more than 56-percent body fat than dieters who didn’t! Also, a study from Loma Linda University finds; the nuts fiber may prevent fat absorption.
The last week, one that I personally call the OMG! week, is the week where you’re starting to feel good about your body, breezing through your work out and having the time of the life.
BREAKFAST: You still have the option to choose your ‘BK.
LUNCH & DINNER: Plain ‘PASTA’ in melted butter for lunch and as for dinner, I’m thinking Spinach Lasagna. [See recipe here]
And it’s just that simple, you just need to put in WORK!  
Here’s a list of things you’ll need:
  1. A sweat suit
  2. Workout sneakers
  3. And dumbbells
We blog, chat and look up to most celebrities, so why not start living the life from their side and feel good about how we look too!
Note: If your not please with the results, through the tasty pasta’s through the window and stick to the plain pasta in melted butter.
Plus, if you start today, you’ll have the chance to end this year’s 2013 SUMMER with a BANGING BODY!

See more images HERE.



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