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TROUBLE IN PARADISE? Wiz Khalifa Caught Creeping On Amber Rose With A Model Chick!

So, word on the street is that rapper Wiz Khalifa is creeping on his baby mama and fiance Amber Rose with a model chick by the name of Nikki.

The “Work Hard” rapper, who’s now claiming his account was hacked via Twitter, ‘allegedly’ messaged Nikki on Instagram–leaving her with his number in a comment after liking the model’s pics.

Peep the conversation below:

After the reports went viral, Wiz Khalfia then responded to the allegations with:

…..And if this story turns out to be true, I do feel like he was stupid for leaving his number on a public photo-sharing site and knowing that he just had a child with Amber.

Also, why are celebrities always using the “hacked” excuse??…. It’s getting OLD!


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