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Atlanta Judge SIDES With Kordell Stewart & Tells Porsha Williams To GET OUT Of Kordell’s Mansion!

Even though a final court decision has not been made, Ex-NFL star Kordell Stewart is somewhere buying out a bar…as a Fulton County judge has sided with him and ordered his estranged wife Porsha Williams to get out of the baller’s mansion.

Recently we reported that the once happy couple are in a nasty divorce battle, and Porsha begging the court to allow her to stay within the couple’s GA mansion, after Kordell changed the locks, arguing she had no place to go.

And even though, he denied locking her out, on June 18th the Fulton County Court judge sided with Kordell, temporarily granting him exclusive rights to use the house…and ordered Porsha to move out.

According to TMZ, “It’s not all bad news for Porsha … the judge also ordered Kordell to cough up $5,000 / month in alimony for the next 3 months, hand over all of Porsha’s belongings and pay for moving costs and a storage unit while she transitions.”

Plus, word on the street is, Porsha was ‘allegedly’ having a marital affair with a local millionaire in Atlanta and soon after, Kordell caught wind of the news. Get the full DEETS HERE.


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