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During last night’s episode of “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta”, reality star and business woman Mimi Faust was seen receiving a couple hundreds from her baby daddy Stevie J., (money that was given to Stevie by his fiance Joseline Hernandez) to buy herself something nice.

Faust sure did bought herself something nice, a new pair of boobs! Check out Mimi’s ‘mommy makeover’ below:

And while fans were congratulating Mimi on her new “girls”, Joseline was busy throwing shade via Twitter, saying: “…Couldn’t afford it til I came around. hehe.
Plus, it seems like Joseline has forgotten that Mimi gets 10% of whatever she (Joseline) makes. So when Joseline makes a little money, Mimi will make a little money too. In other words Joseline WORKS for Mimi too.

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