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Even though rapper Future stepped up to the plate and took responsibility for another kid…he’s now battling the baby mama in court over child support.

A woman named Brittni Mealy filed a paternity suit against the rapper back in February, claiming he was the father of her son. But a month later she dismissed the suit, without explanation. Seems like someone got paid off. Too bad that quick check has run its course and she’s back for more!

Then on June 8th, Future filed docs, admitting he knocked Brittni up and asked the court to make it official … by legally recognizing him as the father. He also wants joint custody and for the court to determine how much child support he should pay.

Brittni then fired back with docs of her own, claiming it’s not enough. She says Future left his kid without support for months. She’s asking for that cash — specifically from June and July — plus future support.

Meanwhile Future’s still battling his baby mama #1 (Jessica Smith) … trying to shoot down her request to collect more cash for their 10-year-old son.

SMH… How embarrassing. Damn shame some folks can’t just get along with the women they have kids with long enough to work this stuff out without being put on blast by the courts.

Ci-ERROR sure knows how to pick ’em!

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