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Selena Gomez & Justin Bieber Back Together Again?…Says “You’re The Only Girl For Me”

Troubled pop star Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez, who’ve been on and off again for more than two-and-a-half years since he was 17 and she was 19, are reportedly working on rekindling their relationship after they were recently spotted out together.

A source tells the Hollywoodlife, “Selena and Justin have a crazy connection. They just can’t seem to break that connection. It can be intense.”

The site adds,

“But Selena, face it: Justin may try going out with other girls — like Hooters waitress/model Jordan Ozuna – but the moment you send him a single message, he drops every other potential love interest and instantly comes running back to you.

He doesn’t really want to be with anyone else but you; that’s obvious. AND he’s pretty good at reading your signals.

All you had to do was go to Disneyland with a few friends on June 26, wearing one of his t-shirts, and he knew you wanted to see him again.

Also, word on the street is that her BFF Taylor Swift doesn’t want her dating Bieber, and has been dropping everything to keep Gomez distracted; “she’s been wanting Gomez to date other guys friends like Austin Mahone and David Henrie,” says another source.

But, the bottom line, [Selena], is that Taylor’s not in love with Justin — you are. So it’s your decision alone, whether you want to reconnect with him, romantically

Plus, Justin has been telling friends for longest that Selena is most definitely “the only girl for him” and he’d go back to her in a heart beat. The “Beauty and a Beat” hit maker also shared a photo of him and Selena on Instagram last Friday with caption, “#Heartbreaker.” Which could mean SO many things.
After all, “Heartbreaker” is also the name of his upcoming single. And, or he could be getting in a good jab on the nice holiday weekend.

The question is: Can the duo really work through the issues that keep tearing THEM apart?

Is There A Future For Justin & Selena?


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