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THE THIRST IS REAL! Meek Mill BUYS Jump-off “Jasmine” A Mercedes-Benz + Meek & Odd Future Performs At #Peterpalooza! [VIDEO]

Even though rapper Meek Mill continues to move under the media radar as of late– his jump-off Jasmine D Thomas is busy trying to get a come up off the rapper’s celebrity status and announces she will be writing a few books in the near future.

Jasmine, who we all know is hellova thirsty, was spotted over the weekend rolling around town in a new Mercedes-Benz with custom Lamborghini doors –a car Meek bought her — and says her dating life is no ones business and wants it to remain private.
Girl stop!.. even though you claim you do not want to be in the lime light, we all know you’ve been all over twitter bragging about the expensive gifts Meek got you and so on.

See some pics you might have missed below (Jasmine also compares her relationship to Beyonce & Jay-z along with Kim Kardashian and Kanye West):

Remember to support one of her book ya’ll:

Plus, while Hot 97′s veteran-DJ Peter Rosenberg may be most known for his now-infamous remarks about Nicki Minaj at last year’s Summer Jam, in the hip-hop community he’s recognized for much more than that. 

So, to celebrate his birthday, Rosenberg threw the 2nd Annual Peterpalooza concert in Brooklyn’s Williamsburg Park on Monday with a rather nontraditional roster of rappers including Meek Mill, Schoolboy Q, Odd Future and World’s Fair. It may seem like a strange mix, but Rosenberg explains the logic behind having such a variety pretty simply:
“I wanted a bunch of different perspectives and a whole bunch of different kinds of artists there. I didn’t wanna just have only people who messed with each other. I wanted it to show all the great things that hip-hop has.”
He then adds, “I feel like I’ve already covered my bases in New York. I play a lot of local artists. So I was like, ‘I think this show should represent a lot of different stuff.’ So I didn’t even hesitate on that. And I think it’s cool to put on an act like World’s Fair who’s gaining attraction in New York. #Peterpalooza @RosenbergRadio thanks for an awesome show hope you enjoyed it as much as i did. “
See pics from the event below:


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