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2 Chainz Arrested After 9-Hour Standoff With Police in Oklahoma!

Rapper 2 Chainz was arrested in Oklahoma yesterday after a 9 hour standoff with police. The tour bus 2 Chainz was riding in was pulled over for broken taillights and shortly after, police suspected drug use on the bus. The officers approached the bus after pulling it over and the driver locked the door and told them they needed a warrant to board.

Nine hours later, the bus was towed to a police training facility and was searched after the warrant was issued. All 11 passengers, including 2 Chainz, were then arrested.

All this for some drugs? Keep your eyes peeled in Oklahoma! Seems like an extreme measure, we’re talking about drugs, not a killer.  

Gotta make you wonder if there is some other motive behind the arrests.

FYI…..the officers took the following persons into custody:

Tauhed Epps (2 Chainz)
Cedric Brooks
Abdullah Mujahid
Rory Smith
Jermaine Simister
Stethen Boykin
Jack Brown
Marshall Sudderth
Robert Jordan
Leon Smith
Bryan Gathii

Yep, all the government names on blast.


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