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He’s definitely all grown up!

On Thursday, “Moesha” star and actor Marcus Paulk was arrested for beating up his longtime girlfriend Andi Roxx in Los Angeles.

The actor reportedly kicked Roxx in the stomach–putting her in the hospital– and later, surrendered himself in to authorities at an L.A jail and was subsequently placed under arrest.

TMZ reports, the alleged victim– an aspiring singer– says it all started at a nightclub in Beverly Hills called Confidential. Roxx claims that she and Paulk had gotten into a verbal argument because she wasn’t paying him enough attention.

But the argument didn’t stop there as they both went home and the fight got physical and Paulk punched her in the chin. She says she swung back and busted open his lip, so he then punched and kicked her in the stomach, and told her to get her stuff and get out.

The next morning, Roxx says she went to the hospital with internal injuries. Law enforcement sources say police responded to the hospital soon after, where Roxx told them what happened. Police later made contact with Paulk and his attorney–making arrangements for him to turn himself in yesterday.

The actor was released last night after spending a few hours behind bars.

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