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Chris Brown EXPLODES ON EVERYONE, Curses Out L.A District Attorney, Accuses Beyonce of Stealing & Threatens Jay-Z!

Here we go again! For someone who’s trying to be on everyone’s good side, he sure knows how to raffle some feathers and have them turn a blind eye!

Last night, 24 year-old Chris Brown took to his Twitter account to tweet how he’s truly feeling about everyone. The singer clap back at the Los Angeles District Attorney who was responsible for him having to do his community service all over again.

He even talked about rappers wearing their grandmothers’ curtains and calling it fashion and also took shots at Beyonce (accusing her of stealing) and threatens Jay-Z if he has a problem with the accusations. Here’s what he had to say:

But the rant didn’t stop there as he made a little smart comment about Beyonce stealing other people’s materials and not giving them credit for it, saying; “looks familiar. Beyonce,U might as well go ahead and do this collab. JAY might have a problem wit it but this Piru” Chris said in a Vine video.
He concluded his rant with: “These ni**as wanna wife h*es…. A different ni**a every other night h*es. Need to swim up in that kitty wit a light pole.
He then added, “Try to have a heart to heart wit me but my sh*t ice cold.” Do you think Breezy is done trying to be in everyone’s good grace?
Plus, on the flip-side, Breezy is currently directing a new video “Autumn Leaves” with Kendrick Lamar in Hawaii.


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  1. dayyummm

    August 23, 2013 at 4:24 pm

    That's one pisst brotha smdh lmao.. I feels

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