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Chris Rock Admits To Giving A Dying “Make A Wish” Kid Pam Anderson’s Sex Tape!

Funny man Chris Rock recently appeared on Jerry Seinfeld’s Comedian’s In Cars Getting Coffee show. It’s as arrogant and smug as the title suggests. Two wildly famous people get into one of Jerry’s outrageously expensive cars and go have coffee. But the two are funny and did a pretty good job of entertaining.

Seinfeld and Rock discuss several topics from favorite foods to the whole Leno and Conan controversy. Then towards the end of the interview Chris Rock let Jerry in on something, he once snuck a dying Make a Wish kid, Pam Anderson‘s sex tape. It wasn’t an eight year old kid or anything, he was fifteen. 

Rock said, “I had a make a wish kid, a 15-year-old kid dying of cancer. And I snuck him the Pam Anderson sex tape. He’s dead now, but he lived a little more.”

I personally find it refreshing that big celebrities sometimes break the rules. Letting a 15 year old kid watch a sex tape might be criminal but it’s a good, humane thing to do. What fifteen year old kid doesn’t want some porn?


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